IAMCP Global Talent Sharing Program

As a community we would like to share our expertise and continue to learn. Would it not be fantastic to give your employees an international experience?

Work for another IAMCP partner in another country and share expertise both from technology as we as cultural aspects. The world is more and more working like a large and strong network in which we all bring and share our knowledge.

To help you to enable this, we have setup a great new program to give our employees an international experience.

It is pretty straight forward! You open up your company to invite a talent from another IAMCP partner to work with you for 4-6 weeks and you can list if you have talents available that would like to work for another IAMCP partner. All this will be enabled on the Dynasource platform, our strategic IAMCP partner.

If you are interested to learn more and join us for the pilot of the program, please sign up here. Looking forward to start sharing our global talents!

Thank you all for participating.

Olivia Trilles

President of IAMCP EMEA Board
Member of IAMCP International Board

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