At this page you can find all presentations:

10 Inspiring P2P success stories

Risk Management by (c) YouExec

IAMCP start-up member presents Call center solution Petralex Speech Communications:

12 Agile Principles in Funny Pictures

Funding for Startups by Frank Maene

Combining Waterfall and Adaptive practice in IT projects by Danil Dintsis

Develop software/App requirements specification by Danil Dintsis

Sample template of Targets presentation (based on PresentationLoad(с) template):

Risk management in IT Project by Igor Kochkarov

How to protect your brand and innovation by Ron Zink

How to create a valued business plan by Danil Dintsis

Presentation for investor template by Igor Korolev

Stakeholder management by Danil Dintsis

Strengthening the environment for web entrepreneurs in Europe


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