ITIL 4.0 with Lean & DevOps inside to be released at March, 12th

ITIL 4.0 is to be released officially on March, 12th. Meanwhile, the official ITIL 4.0 Foundation certification starts on February, 28th. A bit strange, but it’s marketing I suppose. My first class for ITIL 4.0 starts on March, 18th, while you can learn about integrating DevOps into ITSM lifecycle just now at my on-line course:


IAMCP Global Talent Sharing Program

As a community we would like to share our expertise and continue to learn. Would it not be fantastic to give your employees an international experience?

Work for another IAMCP partner in another country and share expertise both from technology as we as cultural aspects. The world is more and more working like a large and strong network in which we all bring and share our knowledge.

To help you to enable this, we have setup a great new program to give our employees an international experience.

It is pretty straight forward! You open up your company to invite a talent from another IAMCP partner to work with you for 4-6 weeks and you can list if you have talents available that would like to work for another IAMCP partner. All this will be enabled on the Dynasource platform, our strategic IAMCP partner.

If you are interested to learn more and join us for the pilot of the program, please sign up here. Looking forward to start sharing our global talents!

Thank you all for participating.

Olivia Trilles

President of IAMCP EMEA Board
Member of IAMCP International Board

Hearing aid App helps students

The Petralex App by IAMCP members recognized as one of the best hearing aid Apps for education.

The article by Saketh Sharma, Nitya Tiwari, and Prem C. Pandey in the “Int. Conf. on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction” proceedings describes among others the Petralex smartphone App as a hearing aid – the product of the IAMCP members – IT4You (

About Petralex App: The IT4You team is the active IAMCP member. The Petralex App and Windows driver are in Top 50 popular in the Healthcare in Appstore and GooglePlay.’

Empowering start-ups

The new economy is growing rapidly and many companies, organizations, and people are looking at the potential offered by emerging technologies and to different business models like start-ups and spin-offs. 

IAMCP could be a great enabler in this scenario, and we are pleased to invite you to a 45 mins interactive webinar to share the potential and the path of start-ups and similar initiatives in our IT landscape. 

Danil Dintsis, from IAMCP Russia, lead this webinar with the following agenda: 

– Role of start-up initiatives in IT growth. 
– Common challenges to grow from a team of developers to a business, and some great examples. 
– IAMCP partnering as a tool to build the “right” marketing, project management, and partnering with success stories. 
– Tools in detail, including sites, groups, EMEA Activities and introducing the new MS Startup Site: 

Enjoy the IAMCP webinar “Empowering IT start-ups” Recording

Agile Company = Processed based company

According to the newest PMI research Agility is of great importance in modern business world. It helps companies to adapt their businesses to fast changes.

More than 60% of companies, which implement agile practices succeed in their projects against 40% of those, which still ignore agile.

But Agility is not Chaos. It’s contrary to the Chaos. Agility means strong mature processes in the companies to identifyRisk Management–  both threats and opportunities – and Manage changes in your business.