Project Management Software Market Worth $6bln by 2025

Microsoft is one of the leaders along with Trello, Citrix, Wrike and others.



Empowering start-ups

The new economy is growing rapidly and many companies, organizations, and people are looking at the potential offered by emerging technologies and to different business models like start-ups and spin-offs. 

IAMCP could be a great enabler in this scenario, and we are pleased to invite you to a 45 mins interactive webinar to share the potential and the path of start-ups and similar initiatives in our IT landscape. 

Danil Dintsis, from IAMCP Russia, lead this webinar with the following agenda: 

– Role of start-up initiatives in IT growth. 
– Common challenges to grow from a team of developers to a business, and some great examples. 
– IAMCP partnering as a tool to build the “right” marketing, project management, and partnering with success stories. 
– Tools in detail, including sites, groups, EMEA Activities and introducing the new MS Startup Site: 

Enjoy the IAMCP webinar “Empowering IT start-ups” Recording

Exploring Business model environment by TBK (IAMCP)

The TBK consult offers a series of articles named


“In this series of posts I (the author)  will provide a simple approach for making a fast yet fairly comprehensive assessment of a foreign market (that you have short-listed among the many opportunities available to you). This assesssment will indicate which adjustments you need to make to your business model and to your go-to-market approach to become successful in that market.”

Part 1.

Part 2.