IAMCP EMEA opens Executive committee positions


 IAMCP EMEA has modified its leadership structure by adding an Executive Committee to the existing “Board of Directors”.

For this new Executive Committee there are new positions that we want to open to any member of the IAMCP in EMEA. Apply here before February 5th !

Some of the roles available are:  International Affairs Manager | Institutional Manager | Marketing Manager | Diversity Manager | Compliance Manager | Services Manager | Membership Manager | Alliance Manager…

As a non-profit organization, these positions will not be compensated economically but you will be rewarded with: Experience, Training, Public Recognition, Social Media Visibility, Business Opportunities, Networking, Events and a closer relationship with Microsoft.

What you need to know:

❶ Requirement:  The only requirement is to work for a Microsoft Partner member of IAMCP in the EMEA region.

❷ Application:  If you are interested, register yourself here before February 5th.

❸ Next Steps:  An appointed committee will review all applications and get back to you before February 23rd.


We are waiting for you,



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