How To Improve Partner Profitability in 5 Steps

1. Look at your practice areas. 

2. Focus on growth with low marginal costs. 

3. Concentrate on the cost of customer acquisition. 

4. Build recurring revenue. 

5. Raise your prices.

Read the full article by Per Werngren in the Redmond Channel Partner Magazine and gain success by following this important 5 step strategy.



Mentorship program pilot final

Here’s the e-mail by Mr. Per Werngren, the Mentorship program lead, and former IAMCP Worldwide and EMEA President:

“Dear Mentors & Mentees,

It has been a true pleasure working with you all and to oversee the birth of the IAMCP Mentorship Program. We started in October last year and the intention was to run until end of March but we extended one more month because of strong interest. But now it’s time to officially close the pilot phase.

I know that most of you have had very successful and fruitful mentorship relations which have resulted in successful outcomes. I fully recognize that some Mentors/Mentees have had less time and commitment but most of you have had great journeys.

I am empowered about the very positive feedback that you have given us. Microsoft are also very pleased that we started the program and that we had so many people participating. It’s been overwhelming to see how strong the interest has been to join and how strong the commitment has been throughout the journey.

The official goal was to help Mentees to develop increased success with cloud based business – but an unofficial goal was also to build relationships that lasts and that hopefully will result in P2P business relations. When people interact with each other business happens! J


  1. We all love great PR and an opportunity for you is to present in the Community Hub at Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C. this summer. In case you are interested, please fill out the attached form and send it to me.
  2. The other opportunity is that please tell me about the success that you have achieved as a Mentee thanks to the work with your Mentor. Please send me a few lines about your success and this might result, with your permission, that Microsoft’s PR agency will reach out to you in order to capture your story in a case study to be released at Inspire.

I want to thank you all for being part of this historic IAMCP Mentorship Program where partners help each other. I also want to say a big thank you to Lucy Sutton that has been helping me to run this program – she has been just amazing!

Warm regards, Per”

Thanks to all participants, and stay in touch further!

IAMCP Global Talent Sharing Program

As a community we would like to share our expertise and continue to learn. Would it not be fantastic to give your employees an international experience?

Work for another IAMCP partner in another country and share expertise both from technology as we as cultural aspects. The world is more and more working like a large and strong network in which we all bring and share our knowledge.

To help you to enable this, we have setup a great new program to give our employees an international experience.

It is pretty straight forward! You open up your company to invite a talent from another IAMCP partner to work with you for 4-6 weeks and you can list if you have talents available that would like to work for another IAMCP partner. All this will be enabled on the Dynasource platform, our strategic IAMCP partner.

If you are interested to learn more and join us for the pilot of the program, please sign up here. Looking forward to start sharing our global talents!

Thank you all for participating.

Olivia Trilles

President of IAMCP EMEA Board
Member of IAMCP International Board