Partnership branches are lead by new IAMCP Executive committee

It becomes easier to find partners, reach partner services, get training and many other options. IAMCP EMEA established the Executive committee with a lot of teams.

Please contact managers of the appropriate teams with any questions or suggestions.

Alliance Manager, Executive Committee
International Affairs Manager, Executive Committee
Marketing Manager, Executive Committee
Diversity Manager, Executive Committee
Services Manager, Executive Committee
Microsoft Liaison, Executive Committee
Membership Manager, Executive Committee
Compliance Manager, Executive Committee
Training Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Apps & Infra Area Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Data & AI Area Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Licensing & Incentives Area Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Business Applications Area Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Survey & Analysis Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Modern Workplace Area Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Partner-to-Partner (P2P) Manager, Reports to Executive Committee
Communication Manager, Reports to Executive Committee

Per Wergren P2P webinar series

Grow Your Business Through Effective Partnering with the P2P Maturity Model Webinar Series:

Feb 6 – Introduction to successful partnering – the P2P Maturity Model


Introduction to successful partnering – the P2P Maturity Model

Would you like to…

Increase your market share? Strengthen your reputation? Increase your competitiveness and profitability?  Accomplish it all with successful partnerships. Research from IDC proves that Microsoft Partners will become more profitable and grow faster when they specialize and partner with others when their solutions demand skillsets that they do not have in house. According to the channel partners, partnering activities are valuable because they increase:

  • Sales/marketing coverage in current and new geographies
  • Solution-specific expertise
  • Customer-specific knowledge and expertise
  • Industry-specific expertise

Join Per Werngren, Tech Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, P2P Evangelist as he introduces you to the P2P Maturity Model through a series of webinars.

How to engage with Microsoft

The IAMCP EMEA starts the “Refresh the Road Ahead” – Partner Interview to publish the book on how to engage with Microsoft.

The experienced Microsoft partners are interviewed and their opinion would be consolidated in the book.

Follow our updates. If you are invited for an interview, please invest 20-30 min. of your time to answer the questionnaire.



Congratulations to the Partner P2P projects winners


PE Dintsis together with Specialist CCT and IT4You are Delighted to be Selected as a EMEA GOLD winner in the IAMCP 2017 Global Partner-to-Partner Awards Program

 Awards were presented at Microsoft Inspire in Washington, DC in the Commons Community Hub Theatre.

PE Dintsis together with Specialist CCT and IT4You  is thrilled to have been recognized by the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) as a top partner in the IAMCP global community for achieving excellence in partner-to-partner (P2P) solutions that drive customer value.

“Partners like PE Dintsis, Specialist CCT and IT4You continue to drive innovation by taking advantage of our member eco-system,” said award committee chairperson and former IAMCP President, Gail Mercer-MacKay. “We are thrilled that the “Petralex for Education” project has achieved this recognition. They are an ideal example of how, by working together, we can achieve more than any of us could achieve individually.”

The competition was fierce as partners from around the world entered a wide variety of leading-edge projects that are helping customers compete and get ahead through implementation of exceptional joint partner solutions. Entries submitted include cloud computing, marketing innovation, collaboration and messaging, data analytics and business intelligence offerings. Regions represented include APAC, EMEA, US, LATAM and Canada. Through partnering, IAMCP members are shaping how businesses go to market around the world.

«PE Dintsis united the efforts of the Specialist CCT as the leading training center and IT4You, ISV, in a partner project which involves hard-of-hearing students into lifelong learning process.  

According to WHO estimate, about 10% of people suffers with hearing losses. Lifelong regular professional learning is a vital necessity for IT Pros. Implementing Petralex App/driver provided an opportunity for them to improve their professional skills.”

Dr. Danil Dintsis, PE Dintsis

 “the Specialist CCT is the leading computer training center in the CEE region with Microsoft Gold Learning Partner competence. For many years the Specialist CCT develops and offers many virtual and blended learning formats, and thus increased number of Microsoft and other courses students 25% during last 5 years. Both traditional class-based and virtual learning is often difficult for people with different hearing impairs. In Russia IT Pros income mean growth after professional training is about 7-10%. By Implementing the Petralex products the Specialist CCT reached additional growth both in customers number, and salary. But the most important we show our social responsibility.”

Dmitry Gudzenko, Specialist CCT CEO, Ph.D.

 “Working with the mature organization as Specialist, we learned much in business processes, and customer care. Partnership with the leading training center provides The the unique opportunity to offer its products for wide audience. Student’s feedbacks were very valuable for us to improve products and customer support”

Alex Bredikhin, IT4You founder and CEO.

All winners and finalists will be invited to publish their winning entries in the IAMCP 2017 P2P eBook.

Mentorship program pilot final

Here’s the e-mail by Mr. Per Werngren, the Mentorship program lead, and former IAMCP Worldwide and EMEA President:

“Dear Mentors & Mentees,

It has been a true pleasure working with you all and to oversee the birth of the IAMCP Mentorship Program. We started in October last year and the intention was to run until end of March but we extended one more month because of strong interest. But now it’s time to officially close the pilot phase.

I know that most of you have had very successful and fruitful mentorship relations which have resulted in successful outcomes. I fully recognize that some Mentors/Mentees have had less time and commitment but most of you have had great journeys.

I am empowered about the very positive feedback that you have given us. Microsoft are also very pleased that we started the program and that we had so many people participating. It’s been overwhelming to see how strong the interest has been to join and how strong the commitment has been throughout the journey.

The official goal was to help Mentees to develop increased success with cloud based business – but an unofficial goal was also to build relationships that lasts and that hopefully will result in P2P business relations. When people interact with each other business happens! J


  1. We all love great PR and an opportunity for you is to present in the Community Hub at Microsoft Inspire in Washington D.C. this summer. In case you are interested, please fill out the attached form and send it to me.
  2. The other opportunity is that please tell me about the success that you have achieved as a Mentee thanks to the work with your Mentor. Please send me a few lines about your success and this might result, with your permission, that Microsoft’s PR agency will reach out to you in order to capture your story in a case study to be released at Inspire.

I want to thank you all for being part of this historic IAMCP Mentorship Program where partners help each other. I also want to say a big thank you to Lucy Sutton that has been helping me to run this program – she has been just amazing!

Warm regards, Per”

Thanks to all participants, and stay in touch further!

Prometheus Award 2017

Each year the IAMCP provides an opportunity for Partners to recognize the Microsoft staff that work with them

It is my pleasure to reach you again to follow up on the Prometheus Awards process for Microsoft Inspire 2017.

 Our process is just starting and everything is in place now.

As previous years, we are now in the process to collect votes from our members at each region, so, your support and contributions to make this happen again will be fundamental to our success. We only have a few weeks to collect all the votes this year.

Please take a look and promote it within all the IAMCP members:

 Also, she set up the information page about the awards on – see: